Help Wanted

I'm looking for help with Simple.css - are you interested?

Posted on: 11 Jul 2022

Please note: We now have the additional support we need. Thanks to everyone who emailed offering to help!

As with many side projects, they’re exactly that, side projects. I earn a living doing something else; I also have a family and a number of other commitments. This doesn’t leave much time for side projects like Simple.css, which means it can go unloved for relatively long periods of time.

That isn’t fair to the many people using this project.

I really don’t want to see Simple.css become yet another unmaintained side project, so I’m coming to you with hat in hand, asking if anyone would like to help maintain the project with me.

There’s a couple of requirements I have, as I don’t want the project to fall into the wrong hands:

I don’t want someone that doesn’t have any time for the project - that will just compound the current issue. On the otherhand, I don’t expect a lot of time to be committed to the project either - a couple hours a month is all I’m thinking.

If 2 (or more) of us can commit to a couple hours a month, I think it would really help the project.

If you’re interested in becoming a maintainer for the project, please get in touch.