Simple.css Framework

A CSS framework that makes semantic HTML look good.

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Simple.css is a CSS framework that makes semantic HTML look good, really quickly.

Simple.css is mostly classless, which means that you can integrate Simple.css with plain HTML and your site will look great. If you want to add some Simple Classes to Simple.css, we have them available.

If you have an idea for additional classes/features we can add to Simple.css, please create an issue on GitHub.


If you want to skip straight to the good stuff and learn how to integrate Simple.css into your project, use the button below to visit our docs page on GitHub.

Get started with Simple.css

Why does Simple.css exist?

When starting a new project, I wanted a CSS framework that would get me up and running quickly, and give me something I could hack on. I got sick of all these giant frameworks that include everything but the kitchen sink, 90% of which I’ll never use. For example, the minified CSS for the Bootstrap framework is 144KB in total. By comparison, Simple.css is around 10KB.

Obviously Simple.css and Bootstrap don’t compare in terms of their functionality, but Simple.css allows website developers to spin something up very quickly that looks good and needs very little work.

Personally, I think that too many developers depend on all singing, all dancing frameworks for their projects. By using something like Simple.css, it provides the basics to get up and running quickly (or just use it as is for a simple, good looking site) yet not have to learn an extremely convoluted framework, like Bootstrap.

Don’t get me wrong here - I think frameworks like Bootstrap are amazing and definitely have their place, but for small or personal projects, I don’t think they’re needed.

So I went ahead and made a simple CSS template for my own needs, but later decided to release it in case it was useful to anyone else. Simple.css is the result. 🙂

Simple.css features

Just because you’re using plain old HTML without CSS classes, doesn’t mean there can’t be any useful features.

Simple.css includes the following right out the box:

Who is Simple.css for?

Well the short answer to that question is anyone really. But Simple.css really shines when it comes to building simple websites like a personal blog, an about page, or the basis of a new website.